Problem with Xpath in IE (selenium core 0.9.2)

I am writting here problems with IE and FF in Ruby using selenium. Core 0.9.2

A the first problem with Xpath:
Xpath this is cool but very slow in IE ( Internet Explorer 6 or 7).
same example for Xpath:“//img[@id=’img_headWelcome’]”)

this is same easy code with id – this is  fairy tale :).
And if we click on this element by css selector.“css=img#img_headWelcome”)

And result – test on IE work more quickly.
At the next  I will tell about using DOM in code


we check style block for div with current id (‘t-profilesearch’) and this is work on IE but if we using selenium function get_attribute for style we fail because selenium server for IE returns object and  for FF returns string with parameters.


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